Online Store Design Concept
We would like to design a website that showcased beautiful LAUFEN production and made listings easier to navigate.

We're always thinking about the user and after a strategic phase to establish user personas and pathways, our information architects mapped out a website that ensured customers had clear pathways to meet their needs, and was easy to use across all devices.

We took as a basis the understanding that Swiss design unites two major design trends: emotional Italian design from the south and the northern tradition of design precision and clarity. We try to demonstrate that LAUFEN isn't just selling bathroom items - they are enabling a lifestyle. Our design team took this notion to heart, crafting a clean, modern and clever layout.
Layouts for screen resolution - 1920/1080
animation example

menu "products"
simplified version, open when you move the mouse cursor

menu "products"
option with visual, all subsections open at once
product catalog
the catalog provides the ability to create visual accents on certain products
when you hover over a product, it becomes possible to add it to the card or compare